My passion for human anatomy drove me to study orthopaedic and traumatology and later on, Yoga.   Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Loli studied Orthopaedic and Traumatology at the Central University of Venezuela; and Royal National Orthopedic Hospital Stanmore, London, UK. She has worked in the Orthopaedic and Traumatology departments of hospitals and has 15+ years of Yoga career in Asia, Australia, Europe and USA.


Shirlyn started Bikram Yoga in 2008, fell in love with the hot room and knew right away she wanted to go for TT! She attended the Spring 2009 TT in Palm Desert and over the years has been expanding her knowledge in other disciplines, always looking to empower the Bikram Yogi, from beginners to long-time practitioners. Shirlyn believes there is always a way, with a little patience and an open mind and attention to nuances, for anyone to reap the benefits of Bikram Yoga.


Health is Wealth, Peace of mind is happiness, Yoga show the ways  Vera first discovered yoga in 2009 when she was searching for her perfect workout. Since then, she took up yoga seriously and adopted yoga as a part of her lifestyle. Her personal yoga practice is influenced by several yoga styles - Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, as well as Sivananda Yoga. Her passion for Yoga encouraged her to further her education in this specialty, spurring her on to pursue her International Teacher Training Course at the world renowned institute of International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, achieving the title of “Yoga Siromani”. As a teacher, Vera is warm yet professional, inspiring, passionate and attentive. She is enthusiastic to share her knowledge and experience of yoga.


Let's practice our yoga everyday, inside and outside the yoga room! John practiced his first Bikram yoga class in 2005 when he was living in Bangkok. At first, John thought the practice was just a physical workout that would help him gain a stronger and more flexible body. However, he soon discovered that it has also strengthen his mind and taught him compassion towards himself and others.


I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals in life.   Lovieen is an accomplished Holistic Yoga Teacher with more than twenty years of experience. With her immense knowledge which she acquired from various Yoga disciplines such as Sivanand Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and last but not least Isha Yoga. She has been conducting regular Yoga classes in Singapore ,Hongkong, India and Indonesia for individuals as well as small groups.

Patricia S.

Integration of Yoga in my daily life has brought me more self awareness in mind, body and soul Pat came across yoga in 2009 when she was living in Bangkok, but started her immersion in Iyengar Yoga, when she moved to Poland in 2011. She explores various streams of yoga and strongly believes in the core teachings of Iyengar Yoga, focusing on alignment of body, mind and breath.

Chin Rei

Yoga is the best form of self-care - physically, mentally and emotionally. It all begins with silence. As we quiet down our busy minds, we are able to hear what our body, mind and heart is telling us.  “From my own practice, I have found that asana practice is an opportunity to delve into silence. As I take the first breath of each practice, my mind automatically quiets and I pay attention to all the connections within. With every practice, I understand myself a little more and feel just that tiny bit wiser!  Come take your first breath with me, listen to your body, mind and heart. Be rewarded by your own silence, peace and innate wisdom."

Patricia C.

I love yoga because it makes me feel good, look great and lets me eat more cream cakes.   Patricia believes that yoga is a personal and individual journey of self-realization. She hopes to be a guide to helping others achieve a mind-body connection as well as elevating one’s self-awareness through her classes.

Shu Ping

I hope to be able to help individuals with the benefits of yoga practice through a positive and fun environment.   As an avid runner, active individual and a touch rugby player, Shuping has never thought of yoga, until torn ligaments, dislocated shoulders and numerous other injuries left her no choice but to step out of competitive sports to recuperate. Yoga has helped Shuping tremendously in building flexibility, strength and balance, both physically and mentally


Also known as "Kirti", she has been in Singapore since 1999 and previously Thailand for 4 years. Born in France, specializing in Asian studies (Studied Mandarin, Thai and Burmese), she started her professional career in associative projects between Europe and Asia followed by 10 years in career management (French Chamber of Commerce and American Association in Singapore). Christine started teaching Kundalini Yoga (KY) in 2003; created company Innerkeys in 2005; trained in Thai, Chinese acupressure and Ayurvedic massage. Also a certified Bodytalk system practitioner with a specialisation in kundalini energy management, she is a KY Level 1 Professional trainer operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, and a KY Level 2 assistant trainer. On top of that, she is trained in Yin Yoga, Laughter yoga, the Gong and currently studying Tibetan medicine and spiritual practices of Tibetan doctors and healers.


Kundalini Yoga helped me manage stress and connect to the flow of my life and intuition.Faced with driving tight deadlines and project challenges, I found a tool that allowed me to release tension, build energy, release blocks and stay connected with my sense of self.  I have been practicing since 2004 and was certified to teach in 2011.  Our vitality is an innate gift.  I’d love to share this technology with anyone who wants to access their vitality/flow to achieve inner balance, compassion and kindness.


Yoga is an ongoing journey towards self-realization I first experienced dynamic meditation at the age of 14, then found yoga at age 22. I knew these were practices I would continue throughout my life. As a teacher, my hope is to give you an experience that turns your awareness to the presence of your being. My goal is to have you look in the mirror and, working with your physical form and alignment, also see much more than your physical form. I would love for you to begin to see the beauty of your intangible, infinite Self that persists beyond the material world.


I chanced upon the dancer pose in a magazine advert and was intrigued with how beautiful the asana looked - it challenges the flexibility and strength of the human body. I wish I could do the same and so I signed up for a Bikram yoga class in 2008 and never looked back. I managed to lose post-natal weight through yoga and also started teaching in 2009. Yoga practice is a form of self care for me: providing peace of mind through focus and concentration, creating self awareness of your body alignment and muscle engagement, and the mental strength involved in the execution and holding of the poses.


Let's bring awareness, peace and love into our lives and also to everyone and everything around us.   Currently studying interactive design in NTU, Daryl aspires to be an individual and an artist that can inspire change in people and the world. Motivated to share the benefits of Yoga, he completed his training and is now sharing his practice with friends and family whenever and wherever he can.

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